Welcome to my little corner on the web.

My name is Matteo Varisco and I live and work in Versilia as a web designer and Macintosh developer.

I started in programming Macintosh in 1992 and since 1997 I realized manage websites of various kinds such as:

  • electronic commerce (e-commerce) in different sectors
  • tourism, tour operators, hotels, bed and breakfast
  • the marble workshops and art foundries
  • artists, sculptors, painters, art galleries
  • crafts
  • real estate
  • business services
  • government agencies, non-profit associations and foundations

The websites that I make are based on different technologies and standards of web design with a focus on techniques to better index the sites in the search engines, the rest have a "showcase" on the internet is of little value if customers fail to find it.

All the sites I create are "tailor-made" and "hand-made" by writing all of the code based on the needs of my clients and they are not pre-packaged templates or models from other where we will just replace the text and photos.

In the last few years to improve the launch and promotion of some websites I also made short promotional videos on YouTube, web app optimized for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch as well as multimedia databases for iPad.

Often clients, as well as the realization of their websites, also rely to me the creation of printed advertising material (depliants, brochures, catalogs, etc ...) and promotional (display stands, display boards of their products, cd-rom, etc. ...) and in some cases the whole is complemented by programs to manage ad hoc the firm that I realize with the multi-platform relational database (Macintosh and Windows) FileMaker Pro Advanced.

I like my job, for the continuous search for new solutions, for the study of new technologies of the web, to the constant evolution of the computer industry in general, because each new job gives me the opportunity to learn new sectors of the market, products, companies and people.
Each work is one incentive to improve and discover new things.

My experience and sincerity allow me to weigh with honesty and fairness each assignment, and even to inform the customer when their expectations towards a website are unrealistic or is it an investment is not suitable to his company.

I prefer a good publicity from few satisfied clients that bad publicity from many dissatisfied clients.

Matteo Varisco
Via Pardini, 138
54038 - Montignoso (MS)
Cinquale - Italy
VAT 01027000452
Fiscal Code VRSMTT71R16F704B
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