How I work

My working method is based on a first meeting with the client - even via email, in a globalized and connected world no longer need to stay in the same office for work, not for anything I have clients all over Italy and foreign - to which I ask to explain to me what are the needs and what objectives to be achieved with the website that he intends to accomplish.

According to this first interview I make a detailed estimate with at least 3 graphic drafts of the website to explain to the customer how I can translate his ideas into web pages with nice graphics but also indexables by search engines and with a focus on usability of website, which we must not forget is not a trivial electronic catalog that the guest browses from the first page, because users are in front of thousands of search results to choose from and as shown by many studies their devoted to the evaluation of a website a few seconds and then go to the next if they do not immediately find what interests them.

If my quotation is accepted I proceed with the collection of material (texts and photos provided by the client and the realization of the photo agreed in the budget) and the creation of the pages of the website sending to the customer a link to evaluate and correct the pages and follow the evolution of the website.
Finally I provide the creation of any foreign language versions of the website, its publication and submit it to search engines.

It is not possible to give a standard price or the minimum time for the construction of a site, because it is a job "tailored" that follows the requirements of the customer and he rhythms.

Matteo Varisco
Via Pardini, 138
54038 - Montignoso (MS)
Cinquale - Italy
VAT 01027000452
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