In this section I have collected some of the experiments that I have made ​​over the years by creating elements in HTML / CSS or Flash and its ActionScript language.

Here are the links to download some books in format iBooks Author readable on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch:

  • Biscotti con zucchero di canna (some cookies recipes with photographic slides)
  • Lago di Porta (article about the naturalistic oasis of Lago di Porta which is located on the border between the municipality of Montignoso, and to Pietrasanta)

And some songs made ​​with GarageBand.

  • Song 1 (format: mp3 - size: 788 KB)
  • Song 2 (format: mp3 - size: 632 KB)
  • Song 3 (format: mp3 - size: 632 KB)
  • Song 4 (format: mp3 - size: 316 KB)
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