Education and skills

I was born in Monza in 1971, but I live since 1978 to Cinquale, a small village on the coast of Versilia in Tuscany.

My studies, are quite far from the world of computers, since I have the diploma of "Technical Activities Hotel" (vote 60/60) with the specialization of "Clerk to the kitchen services" in practice I am a chef and I have also worked in some hotels of Versilia when I was studying at the Institute of State for Hotels at Marina di Massa.
After the diplome in 1990, I enrolled at the University of Economics and Commerce of Pisa. The merit of my interest in the world of computing is all the course "Principles and Techniques of mechanographic Applications and Electronic Equipment" attended at university, where I learned the basics of programming Pascal.

After working at the store Data Port of Viareggio (Apple retailer and distributor for over 30 years in Tuscany) and have performed military service as a conscientious objector in Lucca, I abandoned the university studies at the 5th year for working with Macintosh computer full time.

I started writing business applications, utilities and games in 1992 and since 1997 I have gradually begun to take care of Internet websites, which now keeps me busy for 80% of my time working. The remaining 20% ​​is divided between the layout of catalogs and brochures, the maintenance of the management programs implemented over the years for some of my clients, promotional videos, multimedia cd-roms, plug-ins for FileMaker Pro and XCMDs for SuperCard and HyperCard.

Matteo Varisco
Via Pardini, 138
54038 - Montignoso (MS)
Cinquale - Italy
VAT 01027000452
Fiscal Code VRSMTT71R16F704B
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